TODAY is READ TUESDAY by Chris McMullen

Today, Tuesday, December 10, is Read Tuesday, but the savings won’t last forever.

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I woke up Wednesday morning with a nagging feeling that I’d forgotten to do something important. What could it be? I pondered this while getting dressed, brushing my teeth, pouring my coffee, and getting ready for work.

A few minutes later, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader, enjoying a short break before heading to work, when I realized what I was missing. I spilled my coffee on my lap and hopped around my office for a minute.

Read Tuesday! I had missed Read Tuesday!

I uttered a string of curses that would make Shakespeare smile proudly from his grave. For weeks I had been looking forward to Read Tuesday, a special Black Friday type of sale just for book lovers on December 10. There were several books that I had been looking forward to, and others that I wanted to check out.

The savings would have been tremendous. But…

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